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What three learners said about Brianne Bernsen's soil-building course 

Texas Homesteader
Your course was great. I appreciate you sharing so many little tips that are critical to garden soil health.

The downloadable Garden Planning Journal is super cool and makes it easy for me to plan my own garden beds this year. Thank you!
Mary Kay L.
Brianne's no-till gardening method is straightforward and super effective. We benefitted greatly from her years of experience perfecting the approach.

If you follow her process step-by-step, you'll be rewarded with a great organic garden.
Sharon E.

Bravo!! I really enjoyed this course and I give it 5-stars. I appreciate the detailed information Brianne presented in a very practical way. 

If you are looking for a sustainable and practical approach to building great soil for your vegetable garden, this course provides a recipe for success. 
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About Brianne Bernsen's
soil-building course

There's nothing more satisfying than healthy, delicious food from your own garden!

"What Brianne did with her garden is nothing short of amazing and what every urban homesteader wants to do in their tiny backyard. I found it very inspiring."
Brianne Bernsen at Plum Fabulous Foods
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