How to dramatically increase your garden yield by starting with the best soil

Save thousands of dollars a year, nourish your health, and save time shopping, while you grow abundant, delicious, nutritious produce in a small space!
Brianne Bernsen shares her fifteen years of experience learning how to grow more than 3,000 pounds of food a year on less than 1/10 of an acre. With her time-saving method, Brianne is able to feed her family of eight from what she grows, trades, and sells, saving more than $30,000/year in food costs. She does all this while she home schools her six children! Imagine how efficient her gardening method is, producing all this food in very little time every week, while minimizing water bills and virtually eliminating weeding.
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Meet the instructor

Brianne Bernsen

Brianne and her husband William operate Plum Fabulous Foods, a homestead in Texas. Through trial and error, Brianne has created a gardening method that works reliably to yield one pound of produce per square foot, including pathways, in her year-round garden. No matter where you live, you too can harvest an abundant amount of produce using her simple but powerful soil-building method!
Patrick Jones - Course author
This course will help you create the very best possible soil to grow a crazy quantity of produce in the smallest space!
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6 self-paced lessons 

Teach you how to save on soil-building costs: Save an average of $5/sq ft in garden supplies with this process. For a 1,000 sq ft garden, that's $5,000

Maximize your food production

This methodology yields up to 1 lb/sq foot/yr. With an average of 400 lbs. of produce/adult consumed/yr, save approx. $2,010/adult/yr. in produce costs x 2 for a 2-person household, or more!  $4,020 value

Expert answers to your questions + peer advice

Brianne will review your specific questions
to tailor answers and instruction during each session. In between, build relationships with peers in the online forum and brainstorm solutions. $150 value

Your Garden Planning Journal

Walks your through planning your own garden beds with the best soil, saving your hours of your precious time. Average time-saving value of $450

Videos, photos, tools and links

Detailed media in the course from Brianne's careful documentation saves you hours of time figuring out procedures and necessary soil component quantities. Average time-saving of $900 value

50% discount on optional private session

Want a virtual, private garden consultation with Brianne? Course includes a 50% discount coupon if you want to purchase separately for $75 one hour of consulting. 50% coupon is a $75 value
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