protect & Manage your mind for your happiest life

Overcome mind control, with Jason Christof

Do you ever wonder whether you are being influenced by those at the top, to help fulfill their agendas, without your awareness?

If you were responding unconsciously to mind control, how would you know it? Even if we think we are acting out of free will, we can be reacting to negative mental programming.

This self-paced, 75-minute, online course teaches you how to become aware of your own negative programming installed by others and to overcome it, while preventing further negative programming. Your understanding enables you to be in control of your own mind so you can become your best self, expressing your greatest gifts for your most fulfilled life!

Jason Christoff began researching this subject more than 25 years ago to overcome his own addictions that arose out of negative programming. He now speaks and teaches all over the world.
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Meet the instructor

Jason Christoff

Jason Christoff runs an international self-sabotage coaching school where people are educated on the subjects of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification, and psychological manipulation. Many of his students then use the knowledge they gain to support their own clients in becoming better versions of themselves on all levels.

Jason believes that the social decay we see plainly in our world today is because key players in our society are using mind control psychology against most of humanity. If we are to survive and thrive in the upcoming years, each citizen must understand these processes to protect themselves from future psychological operations.
Patrick Jones - Course author
This course will help you create the very best possible soil to grow a crazy quantity of produce in the smallest space!
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5 self-paced lessons show you why and how

Go very deep very quickly with a subject that impacts everything about your life. Return to the course as many times as you wish to absorb the information.

Step-by-step explanation of how mind control works

Jason shows you how mind control works and the neurological basis for these techniques. He also shows you how to use this same information to re-wire yourself for happiness.

16 Hypnotherapy audios to address old challenges

This incredibly generous offering from Jason Christoff includes 16 hypnotherapy programs you can choose from to program your mind for success + matching wall art to reinforce the messaging.

Downloadable action plan

Walks you through creating a customized action plan to manage your mind to reach your dreams. Know exactly what to do at the end of this course!

Strength training & nutrition programs

Jason shares that a strong body is the foundation for a strong mind. The course includes three strength training programs, each with three fitness levels + a guide to good nutrition with accompanying recipes.

Jason is your guide throughout

In each lesson, Jason presents key points and things for you to be aware of by video. It's like having a coach encouraging you in your living room.
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