A self-paced, online class with daniel mentz

The truth about National Status correction: a lawful remedy too good to be true? 

This one-hour, online, self-paced course explores what National Status is and the ways having a National Status can assist you in achieving lasting freedom in your life if you are a citizen of the United States of America. You will get an overview of the steps for reclaiming National Status, and information about options for pursuing this process further.

Daniel Mentz has taught and coached more than 600 people through this process. In this course you will also learn some remedies you can begin using right away for gaining greater freedom, without having a National Status.

If you're confused about what you've heard concerning National Status and its history, this course is for you!

Neither Parallel Times LLC nor Daniel Mentz is providing legal, financial, or tax advice. This course is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please consult your legal professional for legal matters or concerns.
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Meet the instructor

Daniel Mentz

Daniel left a career as an actor and director in the United States in 2019, disillusioned with what he had learned in Hollywood. When the C-19 pandemic hit, he could not believe what he was seeing happen in the US, thinking the Bill of Rights would protect US citizens. When he went looking for answers, he discovered the truth about National Status, and how it could help him reclaim his sovereignty. 

He is now using what he learned to help hundreds of people.

In the following section, watch a 4-minute excerpt of an interview with Daniel Mentz discussing what National Status is, and why he left previous employment to support people full time in reclaiming their National Status.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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7 self-paced lessons 

Go in-depth simply and quickly with seven lessons that walk you through the history and key points about National Status.

Simple, but understandable

If you feel like you've wasted time in the past with long explanations that left you wondering whether this path is right for you, this course will help you gain clarity.

Remedies you can use right away

Daniel provides several remedies you can use right away to address common situations you may experience interacting with the government or authorities.

Downloadable Action Plan

Walks your through planning your own next steps with National Status, and helps you decide whether this path is right for you.

Videos, photos, tools and links

Detailed media in the course from Daniel's careful documentation saves you potentially hundreds of hours of time finding information and proof.

Detailed FAQs and follow up to get any outstanding questions answered

The course includes detailed FAQs + Daniel will not leave you hanging. If you have further questions, reach out.
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