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Exciting & delicious gardening results are yours with step-by-step instruction

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: This course includes a hard copy of Brianne's book, Plum Fabulous Guide to Gardening.

: It ALSO includes Brianne's self-paced online Soil-building class, which can save you thousands of dollars in food and gardening costs.

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In six, live, online sessions Brianne Bernsen teaches you how to produce healthy, delicious, abundant food efficiently. Each session includes up to 45-minutes for questions & answers to address your particular gardening needs. The course also includes wonderful resources to study on-your-own.

Dramatically cut your food budget and save hundreds of hours of your precious time with Brianne's step-by-step system that feeds her family of eight from what she grows on less than 1/10 of an acre, while she home schools her six children!
If you don't have time and money to waste, this method is for you!
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1.5-hour sessions will be on Saturdays, 9 AM Central Standard Time, April - September 2024, with recordings available afterwards. Take this class from anywhere in the world! See details below.

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Six 1.5-hour online sessions with recordings

Join from anywhere, Saturdays, 9 AM CST starting April with recordings available ongoingly. Schedule below. $3,600 value

Self-paced soil-building class 

A beautiful, self-paced, one-hour online course helps you prepare for the live, online sessions. Includes detailed Garden Planning Journal.  $10,595 value

Expert answers to your questions + peer advice

Brianne will review your specific questions
to tailor answers and instruction during each session. In between, build relationships with peers in the online forum and brainstorm solutions. $900 value

Hard copy of Plum Fabulous Guide to Gardening

Receive Brianne's book with photos, detailed  explanations, and lists saving you hundreds in private consulting. 
$350 value 

Food conserving recipe handouts

Recipes and info to conserve your harvest and enhance your health with whole grain baking, fermenting, and yogurt. Learn why and how. $150 value

50% discount on optional private session

Want a virtual, private garden consultation with Brianne? Course includes a 50% discount coupon if you want to purchase a one-hour consultation separately for $125.
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Meet the instructor

Brianne Bernsen

Brianne and her husband William operate Plum Fabulous Foods, a homestead in Texas. Through 15 years of trial and error, Brianne has created a method that works reliably to yield one pound of produce per square foot of garden, including pathways. In her year-round garden of less than 1/10 of an acre, Brianne harvests 3,000 pounds of produce per year. She feeds her family of eight from what she raises, sells, and trades, while she home schools her six children!

— course topics

Everything you need to succeed in your garden!

Brianne Bernsen has helped many people who previously struggled to succeed with their gardens.

This course includes the following sessions:
  • 1. April - Preparing your garden infrastructure, planning your garden, and starting seedlings (includes trellises, short vs. long crops, seed varieties, direct seed vs. transplant)
  • 2. May - Planting spring or early season crops. (Best transplant and direct seed methods + pest and wind protection.)
  • 3. June - Planting mid-season crops + Drip irrigation. (Best irrigation technology, tips, and tricks.)
  • 4. July - Planting late-season crops + Seed saving. (What grows best in the heat + keep your best seeds.)
  • 5. AugustPreparing and planting a cool season garden. (Hoop houses, crops to grow in cooler weather, plant protection.)
  • 6. September - Garden journaling + Planning your garden tasks. (Recording the most useful data + maximizing the use of your time in the garden.)
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Let's grow...

...and Eat safe, healthy food

Class schedule*

This is the current schedule planned for the live sessions. All sessions are 1.5 hours and take place on Saturdays.
- *Since life happens, we reserve the right to change the class date with a one-week advance notice.
- Recordings of all sessions will be available to you indefinitely.
- If you will miss a class, and have a question, you may submit it in advance of the session, then watch the video.
- NOTE: All classes are 9 AM Central Standard Time. Please use a time zone converter. Here is one.

  • April 13, 9 AM CST
  • May 11, 9 AM CST
  • June 15, 9 AM CST
  • July 27, 9 AM CST
  • August 24, 9 AM CST
  • September 28, 9 AM CST
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